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Reap the Rewards Of Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery in Uae

Revision Rhinoplasty Uae

Cosmetic surgery trend is on the rise. Many people from all corner of the globe are getting at least some nip or tuck. Advancement in cosmetic field is so immense that, it’s becoming possible for even a common desk job person or child to get the surgery. But, lot of people are being blinded by media and advertisement. They run towards local clinic for some sort of cosmetic surgery, and more so often they get inferior results or sub-par results. Rhinoplasty is one of the most asked surgeries, and it’s also the one where people suffer most. In this article, I’ll explain how revision rhinoplasty surgery is performed and inform you about the clinic where people of Uae are going to get their revision rhinoplasty.

Reason for revision rhinoplasty can vary a lot. Many times people feel cheated or unsatisfied with their primary nose reshaping procedure, and hence the need arise to get another nose-job. Primary reason for revision nose-job is sub-par result with primary rhinoplasty surgery.

It’s important to have realistic expectation with revision rhinoplasty surgery. During your consultation, surgeon would provide you rough idea on how the result would look like, but it’s in your best interest if you don’t base your opinion on it. Another important point you must note is that, revision rhinoplasty surgery is not as easy as it sounds. It’s certainly not like redoing a repaired car. The most important decision during revision rhinoplasty is going to be, choosing the right surgeon. You should choose a surgeon, who is well experienced in the craft of revision rhinoplasty surgery. The surgery is initiated via infusing anaesthesia to patient. Use of anaesthesia is for the comfort and safety of patient. One of the challenges in revision rhinoplasty is to find adequate cartilage for the structures that have been weakened or removed by previous rhinoplasty. Surgeon might use either septal cartilage or ear cartilage for this surgery. Surgical time depends on how extensive your surgery would be, but it’s usually finished within couple of hours. You should be accompanied with a friend or relative during the day of your surgery. You can leave the clinic on the same day of their surgery.

Alluremedspa is world-renowned cosmetic center, and today not just from Uae, but people from all over the globe are visiting us for their revision rhinoplasty. The biggest pull is Dr.Milan Doshi. He has experience in performing many successful revision rhinoplasty surgeries. Fully trained staffs and professional nurses would be there for you, during complete revision rhinoplasty. Call us on +91 9869041559 for further information of revision rhinoplasty.

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