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Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE Cosmetic Surgery Cost in India

Are you looking for a blend of cost-effectiveness and personal care when you are in very much a need to get yourself treated for a specific cosmetic condition?

You have indeed come to a right place!

Well, let’s first understand why India is a coveted medical tourism destination for a huge number of tourists across the world. India understands the patient’s need very well and offers a service that is matches the international standard. Personalised care is a bonus point! All of this together is fetching India the world-wide reorganization and whopping revenues. If you glance through the key factors that highlight India’s potential as a hub for health tourists, you are most likely to get convinced that there is no other country that offers so many advantages at one go.

Key factors:

  • Affordable
  • Safe and effective
  • Feel at home atmosphere
  • Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  • Internationally recognized services
  • Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  • Pick up facility for out of town guests
  • Comprehensive, packaged deals
  • Language fluency
  • Personalised care

So, this is a right time to book your tickets and save money and time!

Medical insurance: Points to ponder

Medical insurers often do not provide coverage for cosmetic surgeries. This makes a lot people switch countries to get treatments done. Moreover, insurance cover in foreign countries is expensive and claim process even more tedious. Most insurance policies mention this condition either upfront or in the disclaimer, stating that since all cosmetic surgeries don’t fall under the ‘medical’ sphere and some are just enhancements, coverage cannot be offered.

Now you may be wondering what my exact investment will be for cosmetic surgeries or treatments, but you need not worry!  Total investment usually depends on following factors:

  • Consultation
  • Cosmetic Surgeon’s operating fee
  • Anaesthesia fee
  • Medicine expenses during procedure & stay
  • Hospital facilities charges including stay
  • Pressure garment charges

Cosmetic Surgery is an art that depends heavily on the artistic and aesthetic sense of the surgeon. Technique, concentration and inspiration are key words for a successful result that will accompany the patient for the rest of his life. To ensure that everything happens in the best possible way it is necessary to have a well organized and structured clinic equipped with the latest technology; an attentive team to provide prompt service before surgery; a team of nurses to care for each and every patient after surgery and clear advice to assist recovery and recuperation.

The reason to have such a clinic is to unite all these requirements within one premise only, where one dedicated team will work in harmony to care for you and your requirements. Allure medspa comprehends everything you need.

Dr. Milan Doshi’s cosmetic surgery center is a legally established clinic, equipped with the latest technology and entirely dedicated to the art of Cosmetic Surgery and treatment.


  • Five Story Building with ample Parking space
  • Two Major operation theatres
  • 20 beds including 4 Suit Rooms
  • Two Skin Procedure Rooms and Separate Spa
  • Two Consulting Room
  • Cosmetic Dental Clinic
  • Medical Cosmetic Laser Systems

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If you have a question about cosmetic surgery/procedure or would like to book a consultation, call +91 9869041559 to speak one of our patient co-ordinators or simply request a brochure.

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