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Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Breast lift Surgery

  • Have your breasts becomes saggy?
  • Are you aiming to get perky breasts?
  • Do you think your breasts need a lift?

At some point of time in life, every woman notices that her breasts are no longer as perky and firm as they used to be. A skilfully done Breast lift Surgery can help women who are satisfied with the size of their chest, but would like to raise and add firmness to their breasts. Also known as Mastopexy, the breast lift surgery could be the right choice for you if you have pendulous, asymmetrical breasts.

Loss of skin’s elasticity, age and other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding all take their toll on the shape and firmness of your breasts. However, now the hands of a clock can be turned around and a younger, shapelier breast contour is possible.

If you really wish to enlarge your breasts at the same time as you are having them lifted, your surgeon can insert breast implants. Ask your surgeon to discuss the procedure with you and assess your suitability for breast enlargement with breast lift.


You will be given general anaesthetic to keep you asleep throughout the procedure.  Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected to lift your breasts. Typically incisions can be-

  • Around the nipple area (areola)
  • Vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast
  • Horizontally beneath the breast, following the natural curve of the breast crease

The excess skin will be removed and the breast tissue lifted. If implants are also on schedule then after they’re carefully placed inside, the incision sites are closed and the breasts are bandaged up. Good aftercare will be advised. Sometimes minor touch-ups may be required. One night in hospital is essential. If you are a good candidate for a modified technique, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss this with you.

Why do you need to fly to India?

Known for offering relatively affordable, safe and effective breast life surgeries, India is one country that will make you feel at home. In India, you will find a rare combination of technologically supported services and personalized care. Moreover, there are no language and communication issues in India. Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai, India costs relatively less compared to regions like the UAE and other parts of the world. Medical tourists from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah travel the most to India.

Another good reason to fly to India for surgery is to save duty, which is imposed otherwise on cosmetic surgeries done in other countries. Breast surgeries, since high in demand, can fetch an affordable deal. This is a right time to book your tickets!

Key factors

  • Affordable
  • Safe and effective
  • Feel at home atmosphere
  • Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  • Internationally recognized services
  • Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  • Pick up facility for out of town guests
  • Comprehensive, packaged deals



Surgical breast lift usually goes with a breast implant treatment and hence, the patient takes a relatively long period of time to recovery as well. One night in hospital is essential after the procedure is completed. You may also need to wear elastic bandage and a supporting bra to ensure faster recovery. Your surgeon may suggest you to take medication to aid healing. After breast lift surgery, you may also experience swelling and discomfort during the first few weeks or until you see the improvement. You will also be advised to limit excessive physical activity and take enough rest.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced breast contour
  • Natural appearance
  • Improved confidence
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safe and effective

Breast Lift Before After Photos

About surgeon

Our Celebrity Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi has extensive experience in breast lift surgeries as a part of the mommy makeover treatments and often teaches other physicians from all over India our expert surgical techniques. Understanding patient need, educating and suggesting them the best Cosmetic Surgery/Treatments is prime goal of his practice. It begins with his artistic approach to achieving aesthetically-pleasing, youthful and natural results.

You are in safe hands!

About center

Our Mumbai based award-winning medical practice, Allure medspa, provides the safest, most effective and minimally invasive procedures such as breast lift surgery. Allure Medspa is one of the biggest ISO 2001:2008 Certified Breast surgery center. With a worry-free approach, Allure Medspa will ensure your cosmetic enhancement goes exactly the way you want it to at Cosmetic Surgery Center,. You can also check the breast lift before and after pictures, FAQs and customer testimonials for more information.  We also have a pick up facility for out of town guests.

Procedure Cost

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