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Breast Augmentation Without Implants

Breast Augmentation Procedure in UAE

Women who want a bigger breast size know exactly how to get it. However, getting t is laced with the fear of scars. Most women want their breast to be a beautiful symbol of their womanliness. While others simply do not wish to be embarrassed by the shortcoming of the most feminine part of their anatomy that is visible. However, the fact remains everyone wants a breast that will get the notices. Breast implants are the obvious answer however what scares most women is the fear of a foreign object in their body and visible scars. The idea of inserting a non-organic entity in your body is a concept many haven’t come to terms with yet.

Autologous Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as fat transfer breast augmentation is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedure for those who wish to augment their size without implants and basically have a scare less procedure. Autologous Fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to acquire fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. This is a breast augmentation method is used for a comparatively small growth in breast size and favorably natural-looking results. This procedure is performed under is performed General Anesthesia. It is a day care procedure which means if the surgery is performed in the morning, you can get back home by the evening. The recovery women take much of your time. You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 3-4 days. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, the gym will take 3-4 weeks’ time.

Autologous Fat Transfer Breast augmentation is one of the safest procedures that give you brilliant results. Your body is your own and you can change it the way you want. If you wish to add the zest of confidence in your body and happiness in your life, we at Allure MedSpa will be happy to be your guide and companion on your cosmetic surgery journey.

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